Reinforcing Direct Democracy in Belarus

Vydáno 28. 03. 2017

Thanks to the support of Visegrad fund we can start the implementation of the project “REinforcing direct democracy in BELarus” by transferring the good practice from V4 countries.

Český překlad | Czech translation Vlajka České republiky


By the strategies of knowledge transfer REBEL will support local players active in BY civic society on both sides (governmental and civic) towards development of public oversight in civic issues such as local referendums, petitions, recalls. Via innovative and handy deliverables (Handbook for Civic Oversight, ON-LINE INTERFACE for sharing the good practice between V4 and BY, personal Round-Ups with stakeholders) the project will deliver tailor-made solutions and recommendations for grass-rooted movements in order to rapidly increase the participation of BY citizens in decision-making and strengthen the process from governance to self-governance in local measures. Special accent will be put at addressing local young people and establishing mutual sustainable communication between V4-BY.



Viešoji įstaiga Smulkaus verslo dirbtuvė

Inštitút pre dobre spravovanú spoločnosť

Sieć Obywatelska Watchdog Polska

Transparency International Magyarország Alapítvány

Transparency International – Česká republika



REBEL: Satisfactory opening of international collaboration

Look-back to our international gathering in Prague concerning civic oversight over public issues

Promising opener for dialogue about participation of civil society in local decision making in Belarus



REBEL was supported by the Visegrad fund and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands within the Eastern Partnership program.


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