Serbia’s SOEs and MOEs Transparency index

Index Transparency of Public Enterprises and State Owned Enterprises (PETRA 2019 – PE Transparency Index 2019) is the evaluation and ranking of 40 companies at national and local level, based on 37 indicators. The study includes an analysis of the legal framework (primarily the Law on PE), the realization of the obligation of bylaws‘ adoption and the creation of conditions for the professionalization of the management of Public Enterprises. For the purpose of this publication, we use PE for Public Enterprise and SOE for a SOE.

The project is implemented in cooperation with Transparency International Serbia, which made identical analysis, and includes the exchange of experiences related to legal frameworks and their use and the abilities of acceptance of good legislative solutions and/or practices. Rating and ranking in both countries is conducted with identical indicators, so it is possible to compare enterprises‘ transparency as a whole as well as by specific companies. Namely, in most cases, sample included companies in the same field of action and with the same or similar responsibilities.

  • Rok vydání: 2019
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