Přístup k informacím v evropských městech

For the majority of people, local government is the closest connection with politics they have. Local politicians hold tremendous power in their hands, influencing the development of the cities, road conditions, quality of schools, environment or even the amount of money people pay in the form of local taxes. Apart from having many competences, local governments also possess significant levels of financial resources. Citizens of European capital cities face various challenges in accessing the information about how their local politicians work, get paid, spend taxpayer money or who is winning contracts at city halls.

Our study compares what access to information about their cities the citizens of a capital have, but not necessarily how transparent the city administration is of their own accord (nor do the results imply anything about levels of corruption in those cities). And while more transparency leads to less corruption in the long term, there is no guarantee of such relationship in every aspect and time. Nevertheless, we find this exercise useful as it compares best practice across Europe and offers motivation to improve citizens’ rights, be it at local or national level.

  • Rok vydání: 2019
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