We are helping to develop anti-corruption activities in Egypt

Vydáno 20. 05. 2013

From May 13 – May 16, 2013 TI organized anti-corruption workshop in Cairo, Egypt, which was part of the project Path to the Law – support of ani-corruption activities in Egypt, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the Transition Promotion Program – (TRANS).

Workshop participants such as participants from non-governmental organizations, journalists and also university students focusing on the problem of corruption, freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, had opportunity to become familiar with practical aspects of the fight against corruption in the Czech Republic, a functioning of relevant laws that regulate the fight against corruption area and to become familiar with a way, in which it will be possible to use experiences from Czech Republic in the transition process of Egypt.

Selected participants of the workshop will prepare analysis on the selected topics concerning the legislative changes of each area, such as freedom of access to information, whistleblowers protection, professionalization of a public administration and others. Participants preparing the analysis, which they will present this fall at the second workshop organized by TI-CZ in Cairo, will have opportunity to verify their sources for the analysis during their study trip to the Czech Republic. 

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