Watchdogs? The Quality of Legislative Oversight in 82 Countries

Vydáno 18. 09. 2013

Transparency International has launched a new report titled „Watchdogs? The Quality of Legislative Oversight in 82 countries.“ The report shows that most parliaments and legislatures have a vital role in curbing corruption but most of them are not performing. The Czech Republic is placed in the moderate band along with Hungary, Argentina, Italy, Mexico and other nine countries. Australia, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom have been ranked amongst the best performers. 

The programme director of TI Czech Republic Radim Bureš claims: „The result of the Czech Republic is not tragic but it is definitely not good. It is gratifying to see that the leadership of the Czech Ministry of Defence is aware of the problems and is willing to change things. TI cooperates with the Ministry of Defence on its anti-corruption strategy.“

The report puts forward several recommendations for parliaments, governments, audit bodies, civil society and the media. You can read more about them here

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