Visit of the delegation from Montenegro

Vydáno 13. 06. 2013

The first week in June 2013, TI in collaboration with United Nations Development Fund organized an exchange of experience between representatives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice and representatives of justice and their Czech counterparts. It was already a second project of this kind.

Previous study visit in spring 2012 was focused on necessary reforms of the judiciary regarding to the accession of Montenegro to the European Union. This time, delegates discussed mainly international judicial cooperation in criminal matters at both the European and the international level. Within the program the representatives of international departments of the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General’s Office, the Police Headquarter of the Czech Republic and judges of the Municipal Court in Prague welcomed fellow workers from Montenegro, who deal with special proceedings within legal interaction with foreign countries.

All meetings were held in a very professional and pragmatic spirit and were beneficial not only to the Montenegrin delegates, but also to the Czech party.

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