Transparency International Club is now open to corporations

Vydáno 15. 05. 2012

Transparency International Club for individuals was founded in April 2011. From now on, however, the club has extended its membership to corporations, allowing them to support our efforts on a long term basis. Financial support – both from individuals and corporations – is key to us as it allows us to focus on current affairs, which we lack a budget on as most expenses go to long-term projects. If you like what we do, support us !

What is the Transparency International Club?

  • Transparency International Club is a group of people and corporations, our supporters, who are not indifferent to corruption
  • Transparency International Club is a source of funding. Thanks to the support of our club members we operate with stable financial base – which is not restricted to specific projects such as in cases of grants & subsidies.
  • Transparency International Club allows supporters to join forces with anti-corruption body with long term experience, which successfully fights corruption with tangible results and strives to better the social environment in the Czech Republic.
  • Transparency International Club allows individuals and corporations to actively approach corruption and offers the opportunity to join efforts in fighting it.

If you wish to join the TI Club and become one of its members, please contanct Kristýna Fantová ( or Sylvie Vozková (


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