TI: Monitoring of Parliamentary Election Campaign Finance

Vydáno 24. 10. 2013

After the success of monitoring of the Czech presidential election finance at the beginning of this year, Transparency International has focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections. This week Transparency International has published a final round of evaluation of parliamentary election campaign finance which monitored nine political parties with the greatest electoral potential.

The parties have been asked ten questions about the best practice criteria and based on their answers and information compiled from other sources we have found out the following:

  • Five out of nine evaluated political parties have a transparent bank account.
  • All of the parties have published their estimated election expenses.
  • Only three parties are willing to share information about their donors in real time.
  • Five parties have published the structure of their election teams.
  • Cooperation with advertisement, media, legal and advisory agencies is openly declared by four parties.

 The table with the results is available here

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