Support to anti-corruption activities in Georgia

Vydáno 07. 05. 2012

The first of the two present international projects of TIC aims to enhance the capacity of Transparency International – Georgia (TIG) in the area of providing legal advice to people who were exposed to corrupt practices of the representatives of public authorities.

The project also involves activities that support co-operation of TIG with journalists and with the representatives of public administration in the fight against corruption. The project builds on the experience and outcomes of the pilot 2009 project “Implementation of ALAC Centre in Georgia”, which was focused on the establishment of Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) within TIG. During 2010, two study visits of TIG employees in the Czech Republic took place and TIC representatives twice visited the partners in Georgia.  

The study visits in the Czech Republic not only provided TIG-ALAC employees with deep insight into the activities of TIC but also enabled them to meet a wider range of our external partners. An active and critical collaboration with public administration was the main theme of the visits that helped achieve the aim of the project: to have a fully trained TIG-ALAC team able to provide assistance to Georgian citizens who complain about corrupt practices in public administration. At the same time, TIG staff was trained in technical (non-legal) methods and standards of ALAC operation, in the areas such as communication with clients, personal data protection or PR tools at their disposal.  

TIC representatives, during their two visits in Georgia, participated in the seminars for journalists and public administration officials. Especially beneficial, from the viewpoint of the project objectives, was the seminar on public procurement organised for people in managerial positions at the Agency for Public Contracts and at the key ministries. The seminar was held at the time when the Georgian public procurement system and processes were undergoing transformation towards the electronic system with the price as the only selection criterion. TIC representatives shared their experience in the area of public contracting, including electronic auctions, and pointed out the benefits and the risks of the system chosen by the Georgians.  

The co-operation will continue in 2011, with the focus on proper functioning of the Supreme Audit Office as the main theme.

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