Press Release: Transparency International proposed a recommendation for new law on officials

Vydáno 15. 05. 2012

„New law should above all implement transparent processes with personnel in state administration. It is not possible to build the administration with ministry-buddies from politics or business,“ says Radim Bures from Transparency International,

The functioning of state administration in the Czech Republic is repeatedly evaluated as unprofessional, ineffective, non-transparent and uncoordinated.   The questioned ability of the Czech Republic’s capacity to obtain monetary means from structural EU funds as well as frequent inability to propose functional useful projects are one of the results of the inefficiency of the state administration.  Current dismal state of the state administration is amongst others caused by the absence of judicial review on government officials.  Czech Republic is practically the only EU member state whose judiciary does not cover state officials with an effective statute, whereby violating its own constitution.  Despite the fact that the ratification of new law for perhaps 150 thousand government officials would not be considered a minor resort regulation, there is a lack of clear political leadership for preparation of this statute.    Transparency International Czech Republic hence appeals to the prime minister to take on this leadership role. 

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