Kostelec nad Orlicí

Vydáno 04. 11. 2011

An impulse for organisation of public debate in Kostelec nad Orlicí came from the disadvantageous nature of rental agreement concerning municipal property.

Local citizens criticised the mere existence of recycling facility that was being operated on the rented property. The town therefore terminated the agreement but the tenant threatened to bring an action for damages in the amount of CZK 59 million. The town’s mayor had eventually reached settlement agreement with the tenant, according to which the town had to pay CZK 350,000. This agreement stirred up even more controversy. During its involvement in this case, TIC prepared an opinion concerned with termination of other disadvantageous contracts for the deputy mayor. The public debate, where the issue of municipal government’s responsibility in concluding disadvantageous and legally faulty contracts was discussed, was attended by approx. 35 citizens, including the representatives of municipal government.

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