Enhancement of effective control over heating industry

Vydáno 07. 05. 2012

The project focused on the assessment of effectiveness in providing services for the public, namely on the heating industry. An overview of the price regulation system and various pricing strategies being applied in district heating in the Czech Republic was prepared, including the assessment of relevant control mechanisms existing in this area. There are some serious suspicions related to heating industry practices, which TIC intends to examine.

The project focused, among other issues, on conflicts of interest and personal links in and between boards of directors of the district heating companies, relevant regulatory bodies, municipal representatives and other institutions.

Two reports have been compiled: the Legal analysis, an assessment of legislative situation with regard to possible practices of unjustified price increases and of the function and role of regulators, and the Analysis of control mechanisms. Both reports (in Czech language only) are available at transparency.cz. TIC continues to monitor some selected cases with respect to possible conflicts of interest.

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