We research corruption in the Czech Republic and actively help reduce it

For 18 years we have already been safeguarding the public interest and working towards an effective and responsible state administration. Our projects and provided legal and educational services solve small and large cases that affect every one of us. We are not indiferent, where the public money are flowing. How about you?


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Just like everyone in this country I would like to see the Czech Republic to be among those with the best working economy, government and education.

Tomáš Zvěřina
Member of TI Club

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TI in figures

645 clients contacted Legal Advice Centre in last year

60 number of cases we contacted Czech Police

14 number of whistleblowers we helped

200 billions CZK from public resources that went to companies in tax havens

175 members of TI Club in 2015

21 years ago was founded TI in Berlin

News and comments

Mezinárodní konference: „Neúplatné ženy? Genderová dimenze korupce“ | zdroj: TI

International gender conference: Incorruptible Women? Gender Dimension of Corruption

On 23 Februray 2016 was held an international conference: Incorruptible Woman? Gender Dimensions of Corruption, which highlighted a possible context between corruption and gender.
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Football Associations: One more reason FIFA needs independent reform

Earlier this year Reuters reporters in South Asia did an investigation into how cash from FIFA, world football’s governing body, was spent by the football associations in Nepal and Pakistan. They found half-built facilities and little-used fields even though each of the football associations [...]