Criminal complaint lodged against Miroslav Elfmark

Vydáno 04. 11. 2011

Miroslav Elfmark is the former director of the Structural Funds Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. TIC filed a criminal complaint on acceptance of bribes against Elfmark. Information indicating this public administrator’s involvement in corrupt practices had been appearing for a long time. In regard to the volume of funds under his decision making power, some tens of billions of Czech crowns, we considered evidence of his possible involvement in corrupt criminal activity as very serious.

TIC mapped and documented financial transactions that it had identified as corrupt. These primarily included transfers of funds to the bank account of Elfmark’s company from a company that won a public tender for Czechinvest – an organization directly subordinate to Elfmark. The tender, priced at CZK 275 million, also showed some indications of manipulated tender proceedings.

The day after the text of our criminal complaint was made public, Miroslav Elfmark was recalled from his position by the Minister of Industry Martin Kocourek, effective immediately.

The police did not even initiate criminal proceedings in the case and laid it aside ad acta without consulting the state prosecutor. Given the fact that we had the opportunity to become acquainted with Elfmark’s business history, his network of contacts and connections and the general character of his activities, it will be interesting to address this case in the future. 

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