Construction of a Pedestrian Zone in Žamberk

Vydáno 22. 05. 2012

In 2010 TIC monitored the City of Žamberk’s public contract for construction of a pedestrian zone funded by European Union subsidies. Based on information it obtained, TIC reached the conclusion that the tendering procedure was manipulated in favour of the selected tenderer.

TIC appealed to the Office for the Protection of Competition in regard to this public contract and also filed a criminal complaint against the city leadership for suspected unlawful misuse of public authority and violation of its public property management duties.

In early 2011, the Office for the Protection of Competition made a decision – without legal validity for the time being – that the City of Žamberk as the contracting entity violated the act on public contracts, whereas the final consequence of its illegal actions was that the public contract was not awarded to the tenderer with the best bid, for which the Office for the Protection of Competition fined the City of Žamberk CZK 250,000.  Appeal proceedings are presently underway. A criminal suit was filed and the matter is under investigation by the anticorruption unit of the police. TIC will continue to monitor further developments in this case.

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