Vydáno 04. 11. 2011

A citizen of Břehy approached the hotline 199 with reference to non-standard transfer of municipal property to third parties. He pointed out to the fact that Břehy municipality did not properly announce the planned sale of property and also to the fact that the land was sold – for unusually low price – to the mayor’s son. TIC requested the municipality to provide relevant documents and based on the legal analysis prepared a legal opinion that was sent to municipal government.

The public debate was then organised in November 2009, with more than 30 citizens present. The municipal government’s officials, including the mayor, also participated. The mayor insisted that the sale of municipal property was carried out in legally correct way. However, he promised to proceed in a transparent way in any future dealings. TIC continues to be involved in the case and presently submitted to relevant public prosecutor’s office a motion to bring an action concerning invalidity of the purchase contract.

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