An interesting comparative outlook on the status of Czech and Montenegro’s judiciary

Vydáno 15. 05. 2012

In cooperation with the United Nation’s Development Programme, Transparency International organized a visit of Montenegro’s state officials in the Czech Republic over the course of last week.

Representatives of Montenegro’s ministry of justice, the Highest Court, or mediative services have met their counterparts from top-level judicial institutions (including the Constitutional Court), civil service, and the state attorney’s office.

The aim of this project was the exchange of Czech organizational know-how pertaining to its judicial structure as well as changes in this area stemming from EU membership. However, as it soon became clear, Montenegro’s judiciary is in many facets more progressive than its Czech counterpart. For instance Montenegro’s judicial autonomy (not excluding budgetary autonomy) is already in place and perceived as vital and natural – a subject matter of ongoing political debates in the Czech Republic.

These particular findings and many others that emerged from our comparison will be utilized in further efforts of advancing our long-term goals in the judicial arena – and in the ‚Justice Project‘ in particular.


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