Agentura Praha 5 (Prague 5 Agency)

Vydáno 04. 11. 2011

A criminal complaint was filed against Milan Jančík, former mayor of the Prague 5 city district. Milan Jančík had become a symbol of political corruption. After evaluating all of the issues connected to this politician, we finally decided to address in greater detail the case of Agentura Praha 5, which was the vehicle for funds allocated for payment of receivables outside of the Prague 5 municipal authority.

Although we are aware of many issues connected to this politician, the evidentiary situation appeared strongest in this case. TIC filed a criminal complaint supported by an extensive file containing documentary evidence and analyses of financial flows. The police are still investigating the case.

Owing to media pressure, ODS was forced to disassociate itself from this politician. He resigned from the position of mayor and was recalled from the position of deputy chairman of the Prague branch of ODS. ODS leadership subsequently sought to shut down the entire party organization to which Jančík belongs. It can be assumed that his future activities will focus on business in e.g. development projects.

In December 2010, Milan Jančík was notified of criminal charges based on the criminal complaint prepared by TIC. The charge was subsequently repealed by the state prosecutor, then Jančík was recharged and later the charge was again repealed by the Pilsen state prosecutor Augustin Hrbotický.

It may be appropriate to recall that this is not the first issue involving Jančík that was discontinued in Pilsen. Likewise, there has been past information about conflicts of interest involving state prosecutor Augustin Hrbotický and his connections (like Jančík) to “Kindl’s” law faculty in Pilsen. 

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