UK company transparency: one less place to hide

Publikováno: 3. dubna 2015

It’s finally happened. UK legislation requiring the true owners of UK companies to be made public, received the final sign off in Parliament last week.

Union Jack

Union Jack | source: Wikipedie

Under the new law, UK-registered companies must submit information on their true owners – such as full name and nationality – to Companies House which up until now has not required this information.

This is a great moment for transparency campaigners. Transparency International and our friends at Global Witness, Christian Aid, ONE and others have been calling for this for years.

The UK should be congratulated for taking a lead on making it harder to hide corrupt money through a complex chain of opaque company ownership.

But …

While UK companies must be transparent about who really owns them, there is a gaping hole in the UK’s armour against money laundering.

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This is a great moment for transparency campaigners.