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With your contribution you are sending the message that you care what happens in the Czech Republic. You have your values and are standing by them. You want to fight corruption and you know that by combining forces with us, we will all be more effective.

  • Our 15-member team saves billions of crowns of public expenditures.
  • With your donation you invest into the future – your future, those of your children and the whole society.
  • Thanks to your contribution our lawyers are able to provide legal advice free of charge.
  • You help us in solving cases for which otherwise we would not have the recources.

We thank you that you are interested in supporting the work of TI. Your contribution is extraordinarily important to us. Thanks to you we are able to monitor cases on a long-term basis and quickly deal with them without being dependent on government funds or foundations.

David Ondráčka
TI Director

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Join those who do not accept corruption, nepotism and favoritism as a norm and have decided to actively fight these scourges of Czech society.

Why become a member?

  • Moral support. Your do not only contribute financially, but also psychically. Thanks to you we know that this struggle makes sense, even if sometimes prospects are grim.
  • Overview. You are always informed about TI’s current activities and receive our annual report where inter alia you can find what we do with your money.
  • Be visible. With your permission, we publish your name on our website and in our annual report. We want to show our appreciation for your support publicly.
  • Tax advantage. As contributor you can set your donation off against tax.

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Every contribution is for us a call for and a motivation to continue with our work which we love. If you care to fight corruption but do not wish to become a full member in our Club, contribute with a one-time donation.

The popular server enables you to donate any amount of money with just a few simple steps. You gain a sense of purpose and we can continue our struggle with the feeling that you stand by us.

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TI Club member

Just like everyone in this country I would like to see the Czech Republic to be among those with the best working economy, government and education.

Tomáš Zvěřina
Member of TI Club

What do we use the contributions for?

TI’s budget for 2014 amounted to 11,016,126 crowns. The largest part, over two thirds, is supplied by grants and foundations. We appreciate this institutional support. Additionally, we are grateful that a growing part is covered by contributions of individuals and corporations. In 2014 we received overall 1,490,217CZK of private financial donations. Private contributions thus made up 15% of our budget.

These donations are very important to us, since they provide us with much needed financial independence. Private contributions finance mainly long-term or controversial projects (e.g. working on reforming key legislation, investigation of significant corruption cases). Thanks to those donations we are able to effectively and flexibly react to current corruption affairs. Almost a third of these funds (30%) are used for the development of our organization and the care of our donors.

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Examples of projects implemented with the help of your contributions

Reinforcing Direct Democracy in Belarus

Thanks to the support of Visegrad fund we can start the implementation of the project “REinforcing direct democracy in BELarus” by transferring the good practice from V4 countries.

More about project

Streaming Visegrad Values

We are going to shoot the short-movies. And the very fact of easy consensus about the content and formats among the partners of our new on-line-media project proves that there is a certain Visegrad space – not only as a political concept, but as a virtual culture-political landscape.

More about project

Incorruptible Women? Gender Dimensions of Corruption

According to the available data and the provisional investigations, women get significantly less involved in corruption than men. Despite this fact there is no analysis in the Czech Republic which depicts the relation between corruption and gender.

More about project