Reinforcing Direct Democracy in Belarus

Thanks to the support of Visegrad fund we can start the implementation of the project “REinforcing direct democracy in BELarus” by transferring the good practice from V4 countries.

Streaming Visegrad Values

We are going to shoot the short-movies. And the very fact of easy consensus about the content and formats among the partners of our new on-line-media project proves that there is a certain Visegrad space – not only as a political concept, but as a virtual culture-political landscape.

Incorruptible Women? Gender Dimensions of Corruption

According to the available data and the provisional investigations, women get significantly less involved in corruption than men. Despite this fact there is no analysis in the Czech Republic which depicts the relation between corruption and gender.


Corruption and misuse of public funds in the Czech Republic is a serious problem, according to the latest European Commission report 95% of Czech respondents consider it wide-spread.