Minimum Standards of Transparency of Public Procurement Ukraine

Publikováno: 21. listopadu 2013

The project follows on from a three-year partnership of Transparency International branches in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. In 2012, the Minimum Standards of Transparency of Public Procurement at the Local Level were worked out. The concept came from the outcomes and experience from previous projects and is a modification of the Czech model prepared by Transparency International Czech Republic and civic association “Oziveni”.

The Minimum Standards of Transparency of Public Procurement project is implemented in the period of January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013. Its objective is to successfully introduce Minimum Standards in selected Ukrainian cities and promote them in a way that enables their further expansion.
In 2013, the Minimum Standards were finalised published in both print and electronic format. They were presented to representatives of local authorities during an international seminar in Lviv in April this year.
Another major project activity was a study visit of representatives of the Berdyansk , Lviv, Nikolaev  municipalities along with representatives of Transparency International Ukraine in the Czech Republic. It included meetings at the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, meetings with representatives of the civic association “Oziveni” recovery and management of Liberec and Semily municipalities. The main topic of the study visit was the sharing of experience in access of information on public procurement and specific examples demonstrating the positive impact of greater transparency on the efficient use of public funds.
One of the main activities of the second half of the project was the signing of the Memorandum which shows commitment of the Lviv municipality to adhere to the Minimum Standards. The ceremony was held October 24, 2013 with the participation of the Mayor of Lviv and mayors of other Ukrainian cities, representatives of donors and representative of Transparency International Czech Republic. At the same time another 6 cities expressed their commitment to implement Minimum Standards in their public procurement practice.
The final phase of the project will be devoted to monitoring the implementation of Minimum Standards through questionnaires and personal interviews. Its output will be the Monitoring Report which will serve not only as an indicator of project success, but also as a starting platform for other cities, which will gradually introduce Minimum Standards into their work.