In April 2011–after many years of its operation–Transparency International (TI) established the Transparency International Club. The Club was founded strictly for individuals; however, in 2012 we decided to invite corporation members amongst our supporters as well. 

Our work is mainly funded by foundation grants and subsidies from ministries and European institutions, and to a lesser degree by income from our own fee-for-service activities (e.g. training courses). Our goal is to increase our independence from these institutions and that’s why we are inviting you to:

Become members of the Transparency Club!

What is the Transparency International Club?

  • The TI Club is a group of people–our supporters–who do not remain indifferent when it comes to corruption
  • The TI Club is a financial source – a tool for obtaining regular financial support streaming from individuals, which is not bounded upon specific and often long-term projects and associated donors.
  • The TI Club provides the opportunity of supporting an international anti-corruption body standing strong over the course of many years with results of efficient handling of various cases striving to improve the situation in the Czech Republic as well.
  • The TI Club facilitates an active approach towards corruption and allows individuals and corporations to actively take part in the fight against corruption by supporting our agenda. 

Becoming a member means joining a group of people who do not consider clientelism, corruption and protectionism as the standard and who have decided to express their opinion through the Transparency Club. The Transparency Club was established for everyone who doesn’t want to just keep reading about more and more cases of protectionism, bribery and manipulated public tenders. Through your membership, you make your position clear while also helping our work. 

If you wish to become a member of Transparency International Club as a nature person, please contact Lucie Macková ( If you would like to support us as a firm/legal entity, please contact David Kotora (

If you are not ready to become a member of the Club, you can also help by sending a one-off gift. Your gift will help us fund investigative work on current cases of corruption. We need funding for quick responses to situations, because this type of work is not covered through long-term projects funded by grants. The bank account number of Transparency International – Česká republika, o.p.s. is 2100385154/2010. The account is administered at the Fio banka, a. s.,  V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Prague 1.