About Us

We are non-governmental organization, whose objective is to monitor the state of corruption in the Czech Republic.

To fight corruption really means to face everyday clashes with those in power and with money and with those pulling the strings in the background. One needs to combine eagerness with an elaborated strategy and patience with a strong professional stance. TI is strongly committed to this cause and is barely able to protect the public interest and effectively stop corrupt practices.

TI Director
David Ondráčka

Dozens of cases since 1998

Throughout the years we were able to help thousands of clients in legal matters, save tens of billions of crowns of public expenditures and solve hundreds of cases. For a long time we have been dedicated to projects in the areas of justice, political party financing or EU funds.


Experts in their respective fields

What we do, we do well. Our team consists of individuals who all share two distinct features: Professionalism and the wish to improve the situation in our country. Director David Ondráčka is the head of a team with years of experience that has the know-how and is glad share it.


We are part of a big family

We are not alone. We belong to the international NGO-network of Transparency International (TI), which uniquely connects civil society with business and government institutions. Since 1993 we have grown to over 100 national chapters with headquarters in Berlin. Our mission is clear: To cut down corruption worldwide.


We raise awareness through the media

We are always visible. Members of our team participate in TV or radio debates, publish articles and comment on proposed anti-corruption legislation. We cooperate with investigative journalists to uncover corrupt practices. With more than 4000 mentions in the media every year we are one of the most cited NGO worldwide.


Impartiality and transparent finances

We are independent. Our rule is to accept donations only if they do not interfere with our independence in accomplishing our mission and when they do not threaten our integrity and reputation. Our activities are mainly financed by grants and foundations, voluntary donations of individuals and corporations and returns from our programs (e.g. educational workshops).


Transparency International Club

We have our own club. Since 2011, we connect people who believe in the fight against corruption. We are grateful for that. But before you want to become a member, please note the three main benefits for club members.